Adrea Peters

"There is a fundamental correlation between our stories and who we are in our daily life. We create what we imagine. We are not separate from our souls. We are not apart from our dreams. In order to know this, to truly live this, we must walk our talk and love ourselves completely."

Adrea L. Peters

Adrea Peters

Adrea is a novelist and screenwriter who dramatically changed her life through her writing.

Adrea also knows how challenging and ambitious it to walk our talk and love ourselves, yet, it does not stop her from trying every single day. In addition to her own writing and teaching, she has mentored aspiring fiction, memoir and screenwriters. She has been teaching excerpts from Finding Story for about a decade. She also runs a successful business consulting practice.

Adrea graduated Valedictorian from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Science in News Writing, earned a certificate as a Holistic Nutrition Educator from Bauman College, and was awarded her Master of Arts for Fiction Writing from Seton Hill University.

She has also published several inspirational alphabet books with Pictureless Books and is a contributing writer to the award-winning textbook for writers, Many Genres, One Craft.


Prior to her commitment to her novels and screenplays, she wrote several articles for magazines, eventually landing a contributing role with 831magazine where she wrote food articles, interviewed food experts, and had a standing nutrition humor column counting down “Top 8” for a variety of wellness topics, including 8 Ways to Cure a Hangover, Top 8 Excuses for Eating Really Bad Food and 8 Ways to Cure Insomnia.

Her newest novel, Becoming Truitt Skye: The City on the Sea, will be published by Serenity Press in the coming months. Her most recent screenplay, P.H.D. is with producers. She is currently editing the sequel to Becoming Truitt Skye: The Cave of Souls. And writing two sequels to this book, Finding Voice and Following Voice.

Adrea Peters